About Us

Shalimar Group has been serving the coating industry since 1997.
We are almost the one stop solution for all the raw material being
used in paints and coatings.
We are producing complete range of Alkyd Resins, PVA emulsions,
Acrylic Emulsions, Paint Driers and other additives.
All sorts of fillers including Super Fine Calcium Carbonate, Talcum
Powder and Chalk are also included in our product line.
Many raw materials including Titanium Dioxide, Organic & inorganic
Pigments, Rheological Modifiers, Biocides, Aluminium Pigments,
Petroleum Resins and various Additives are also being traded in ready
stock capacity to facilitate the industry with best quality and price.
The group is also focusing on the end market to facilitate the best
products to the consumers.
Consistent quality, customer satisfaction and positive attitude
are the motto of our organization.